Stainless Steel Mirror Polished Sphere Hollow Round Ball Garden Decor

Material: AISI 304#

Thickness: 1mm to 2mm ( general )

Size range :customize any size

Packing: wooden stands or cases

Payment Term: By T/T,50% Deposit, And 50% Balance Before Shipping

Delivery:15-30 days after received deposit



Stainless Steel Sphere Hollow Round Ball manufactured from high grade stainless steel.  Why stainless steel sphere Hollow Round Ball is manufactured high grade stainless steel? In order to Stainless Steel sphere will not rust and are weatherproof all year round. Being watertight, they are able to float on water making a great addition to a pond or water feature. Stainless Steel Mirror Polished Sphere Hollow Round Ball Garden Decor are popular in modern public art because of their ultimate attraction and flexible manufacturing. Compared with other metal balls, stainless steel balls are more suitable for decoration and modern style places, including garden pools, squares, shopping malls and hotel decoration, due to their unique corrosion resistance and thermal damage ability.

we capable of producing Hollow Round Ball to almost any size meet your specification. Hollow Round Ball in diameter from 19mm to 4000mm are available with a wall thickness from 0.6mm to 6mm. We can supply AIS 201 / 304 / 316 stainless steel hollow steel balls. Production method: mould pressing and water pressure;

Water Pressuring : is welding steel sheet with man-hand. Our technicians will calculate the specific data for the welding sheet, then bending the leaf shape. Our qualify workers will weld asimilar spherical cube shape. and then forming a perfect spherical balls with perfect water pressure. Finally we’ll grind the welding seam and mirror polishing it.

mould pressing: is shape steel sheet by deforming it with a mould. Then welded two steel hemispheres together and grinding the welding seams. Finally mirror polishing the hollow steel balls. we can make from5mm to 500MM.Thickness available from0.6mm to 6mm. We offer drilling and tapping service according to your demand. Invisible welding seams.

None Standard mould limit, Any size can be made.

Spinning(thickest steel balls option)

Firstly we spinning two steel hemispheres, then welding together, finally grinding the welding seams and mirror polishing it. This is the thickest steel ball choice.

Highly polished metal stainless steel ball design outdoor modern garden art looks very modern and attractive. Because of the shiny mirror is very popular hotel, villa, office decoration.