Our stainless steel furniture furnishing articles are custom made to suit your design specifications.

We can fabricate a range of sizes and polishes so your Interior Decoration can be tailored to your design needs.

Our specialised process allows us to create a seamless appearance which gives a superior finish to the product.

the gradient color disk

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AISI 304 316 Stainless Steel Decoration Metal Wall Art Sculpture Mirror convex disc

Anish Kapoor Art Golden circular concave mirror Stainless Steel concave wall mirror Sculpture

Anish Kapoor concave mirror Polishes Contemporary Sculpture Interior Stainless Steel Wall Sculpture

Anish Kapoor Silver Large Mirror polishing Concave disc

Anish Kapoor stainless steel sky mirror

Anish Kapoor’s Classic Blue Concave Mirror Sculpture At The Exhibition Wall Art Sculpture

Anish Kapoor’s Concave Mirror Sculpture At The Exhibition center Of Art Fish Scales Concave Sculpture

Anish Kapoor’s Convex Mirror Sculpture Concave Mirror Sculpture

Anish Kapoor’s Cool Blue Concave Mirror Wall Sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art–Electroplated

Anish Kapoor’s Water Ripple Mirror Wall Sculpture at the Exhibition center of Art

black Metal Statues Ornament for home office desk giving gifts best choice art works

Custom small imitation gold deer statue figurine sculpture for sale

Hot Sale Modern Unique Metal 3D Wall Ornaments Stainless Steel Home Wall Decoration Sculpture

Hot Sell Rose Gold Metal Statues Ornament Hotel Room Office’s Desk And Giving Gifts Best Choice Art Works


Interior decoration Art Mirror Stainless Steel Wall Sculpture concave mirror polished

Kapoors Abstract Decorative Stainless Steel The Gradient Color Concave Mirror Sculpture