Anish Kapoor’s Concave Mirror Sculpture At The Exhibition center Of Art Fish Scales Concave Sculpture

Thickness:1mm to 6mm

Size range :300mm to 3000mm

Material: AISI 201# 304# 316#

Payment Term: By T/T,50% Deposit, And 50% Balance Before Shipping

Delivery:15-30 days after received deposit

Packing: wooden stands or cases



      Generally speaking, Stainless Steel Fish Scales Concave Sculpture creation can be about 304 and 316.
Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture material is generally metal plate, there are a variety of thickness to choose from. The main forms of plate engraving are forging and welding.

      Through the external force, the plate surface is forged, the corresponding shape is formed, and then the multiple plates are welded and formed, and then polished and polished to complete the Mirror Stainless steel Fish Scales Concave Sculpture.

      Exclusive Design of stainless steel concave disk sculptures crated by water pressuring. Lifelike a Fish Scales.  Our technicians will calculating the specific data for forming steel sheet. we can make any shape of concave disk sculptures.  The curvature and height could be made with any size on your demand. The uniformed surface features high reflective mirror surface. this lifelike sculpture is particularly for home decoration and hotel decoration.

      Mirror Wall Sculpture is made of imported stainless steel, which is round and smooth. The mirror suface can be integrated with all kinds of home decoration styles. At the same time, it breaks away from the traditional decorations, After a long time, fading, fragile and other deficiencies.

      We are specialized in manufacturing high-quality stainless steel mirror concave sculpture. All our sculpture are handmade. First plate cutting, welding, polished then we could be mirror polished without any seams visible on the surface, having been exported to many customers worldwide. It is usually used for interior and home decoration.

     “Concave” means curving inward, and this sculpture contains countless little mirrors pieced together, and since they rest in a concave shape, they reflect against each other, creating interesting visuals based on where the viewer is standing. As one moves closer, the reflected image gets bigger, as more of the tiny mirrors are able to.

     The stunning high-gloss stainless steel concave shaped wall piece will draw in the viewer standing in front of the sculpture,as the viewer becomes a part of the work itself. Every encounter with the sculpture is different as you witness a varying reflection that is neither static nor predictable.

     So if you have some requirement about Large Modern Metal Sculpture ,or you are interested in other custom made mirror stainless steel sculpture, please contact freely right now ! We have focusing on stainless steel casting since 2002, we are the best choice of you !

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