Modern Convex Mirror Stainless Steel abstract wall art sculpture

Thickness:1mm to 6mm

Size range :300mm to 3000mm

Material: AISI 201# 304# 316#

Payment Term: By T/T,50% Deposit, And 50% Balance Before Shipping

Delivery:15-30 days after received deposit

Packing: wooden stands or cases



          Stainless Steel abstract wall art sculpture when hanging on the main wall of the house play a role as security in running the household. The room is often placed at the front of each house or one level of the main entrance in the layout and the dining room. The convex mirror is allowed to oversee the activities in and out of all activities in the room. With a large size with the motif of the Convex mirror antique, the distance between the living room and the dining room can be clearly seen. Of course when there are guests it is also very obvious. Therefore, convex mirrors are known as mirror security heads or service heads in security.

         The stunning high-gloss stainless steel concave shaped wall piece will draw in the viewer standing in front of the sculpture,as the viewer becomes a part of the work itself. Every encounter with the sculpture is different as you witness a varying reflection that is neither static nor predictable.

Stainless Steel abstract art Mirror Wall Sculpture is made of imported stainless steel, which is round and smooth. The mirror suface can be integrated with all kinds of home decoration styles. At the same time, it breaks away from the traditional decorations, After a long time, fading, fragile and other deficiencies.

        We are specialized in manufacturing high-quality stainless steel mirror concave sculpture. All our sculpture are handmade. First plate cutting, welding, polished then we could be mirror polished without any seams visible on the surface, having been exported to many customers worldwide. It is usually used for interior and home decoration.

       we manufacture superior quality stainless steel balls and sculptures for professional Designers, Artists and Engineers, globally. Our stainless steel balls and sculptures are custom built to your specifications including a large range of sizes, finishes and polish to fit your design needs. We can make modern abstract stainless steel sculpture according to customer’s pictures, designs and sizes. We can also make custom designs and sizes.  It is more suitable for decoration of places with modern style, including indoor homes and hotel decoration.

      Welcome to send us your own designs or advise your detailed requirements. The technical team will have a meeting mainly focus on all details. The engineering team start to do the design after a full discussion and calculation. During this period, we will take pictures from different views to check with you. After the final confirmation, we’ll fabricate a small mold, then put into production.

     So if you have some requirement about Large Modern Metal Sculpture ,or you are interested in other custom made mirror stainless steel sculpture. Please contact freely right now ! We have focusing on stainless steel casting since 2002,we are the best choice of you !

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