Garden Decor Metal Stainless Steel Tree Sculpture

Material: AISI 304#

Thickness: 2mm ( general )

Size range :customize any size

Packing: wooden stands or cases

Payment Term: By T/T,50% Deposit, And 50% Balance Before Shipping

Delivery:15-30 days after received deposit



Garden Decor Metal Stainless Steel Tree Sculpture give your garden a modern edge with this stainless steel sculpture, or combine with other sizes to create a fantastic garden feature.

Why garden Decor Metal Stainless Steel Tree Sculpture is Manufactured from high grade stainless steel.  Becauce it will not rust and are weatherproof all year round. Being watertight, they are able to float on water making a great addition to a pond or water feature.

Machine polished, these sculpture will reflect light and objects in your garden creating a truly unique effect.

Machine polished (Please be aware any sphere over 20cm has a small disk covering a hole)

Our giant reflective stainless steel sculpture feature a high quality mirror polished finish. these are constructed from durable #304 grade stainless steel.
We can also offer these giant steel balls in an AISI #316 stainless steel alloy. If your project calls for a material with a higher resistance to corrosion.
These giant stainless steel spheres are perfect for architectural and landscape design projects or use in public sculptures. Custom stainless steel ball can be produced with a wall thickness from 1mm up to 4mm in thickness.

Stainless steel sculpture has become the mainstream of modern urban sculpture because it is not easy to rust, easy to clean, of strong wind resistance, durable characteristics, which makes it become a popular sculpture products.

Currently, the main material is 316(L)#, 304# and 201#. Generally, 304# works for indoor sculpture and 316# should be selected for costal cities and acid rain areas as the impact of the hydrochloric acid degree of the air. Compared to 304#, 316# is a permanent material, of better corrosion resistance and durability. As a professional stainless steel sculpture fabrication company. We suggest 316# 304# for outdoor and indoor stainless steel sculptures in general as the best choice.

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